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live call 712-775-7035 | 649317# | Chat & Call open 24 / 7
Dear Iraqi Dinar Currency Holder, Let’s talk about the Iraqi Dinar Currency RV Intel Iraq. For too many years now we have all waited together for this rollercoaster ride to finally come to an end. We’ve endured many lies from people who claimed to have all the answers, the best contacts… and well, you know the rest. And now, the time has come for the community to come together without CENSORSHIP, without a MUTE button, and take back what has been taken away from us, from out of control MOD dictators with hidden agendas and a DONATE button. We need to get the word out about this site. The more we spread the word within the Iraqi Dinar community, the more of the community will join us here, where everyone is welcome and every opinion matters. We are tired and frustrated. The last thing we need is to be treated like children who are better seen and not heard. We have much to contribute and we have just as much right as anyone else to be heard. This is OUR community and it does NOT belong to a chosen few, even though some believe otherwise. It belongs to ALL of us. We have ALL sacrificed in some way. Some a lot more than others. Right now there are THOUSANDS in Dinarland who are sick and tired of the calls and Iraqi Dinar chat rooms where they are being fed pure bullshit by people who claim to have the best contacts… NONE of which have ever been right. Enough. Imagine what it will be like when you are able to freely and openly engage with members of the community, in a central hub (if you will) where everyone knows they can come together without fear of being cut off from the “intel” sources for one ridiculous reason or another, and at the whim of a fool who enjoys silencing people who disagree with them or who doesn’t want the real truth to be shared. I urge you to reach out to everyone you can via Iraqi Dinar chat rooms, calls, forums, Skype rooms and any other community medium you are aware of that includes Dinarians. Let them know they now have a place where their voice will be heard and there is free and open dialog as it should be. When sharing our site, make sure to always give the complete website address and invite the community to come experience the difference with us, both in our LIVE chat room and 24/7 call. Thank you, from one Iraqi Dinar community family member to another. We want you to know you are valued and appreciated. God bless you, Admin

What the Iraqi Dinar community is saying…

“Finally somebody gets it. Thank God! We have needed something like this for years. The out of control MODS on the other calls and chats have made them such undesirable places to be and engage with the community. I’ve been here a few hours and already feel relaxed and at ease in a peaceful environment where I don’t have to worry about being banned because I may disagree with somebody. Thank you.”

“This is beyond awesome. Finally a place to hear what other dinarians have to say without being cut off in fear of sounding the slightest concerned and making them seem negative. Thanks so much!”

“Thank you for figuring out what was desperately needed in the Iraqi Dinar community and creating it for us all.”

“Thanks for bringing us some freedom.”

“This Iraqi Dinar forum is much needed. Thanks again!”

“This is a great idea.”

“Pure genius! Absolutely superior to any other chat room out there. BRAVO on a well thought out design and layout. You thought of everything! Thank you so much.”

“I am so thankful to now have a place to openly talk with other Dinarians without being told what I can and can’t say. This is HEAVEN!”

“This site IS the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in Dinarland…really.”

“I just found you all. Love it already.”

“Believe me as soon as everyone gets the message this Iraqi Dinar chat and the call will fill up.”

“I had become so frustrated with other chats and calls because of the moderator’s doubletalk and controlling nature. I’m not a child and I don’t appreciate being talked over and down to. You have come up with something here that is so much needed. There simply isn’t anything out in Dinarland that can touch this! Thank you.”

“Thanks – should spread like a wildfire as well. Thank you again for being here for us.”

“About time this happened, thanks to who ever thought of it.”

“I am so glad that I signed up”

“This is how it should be. You have absolutely nailed it! I can see why so many people emailed me the first night you went live. Great job.”

“It is impressive what you pulled together here.”


Please carefully review our guidelines for usage of our Iraqi Dinar currency chatroom. We want to ensure everyone has a pleasurable experience. We are the most relaxed and open chat in Dinarland. However, that does not mean you can come in to chat and do things that cause others to not want to be part of our community etc.


If you have a personal agenda to disrupt, divide, or otherwise drive people away, this is not the chat room for you. It will not be tolerated under any circumstances. We are not going to put up with anyone who is only in chat to see how many people they can drive away. If you do, you will be banned.


If you do not believe in this investment then this is NOT the chat for you. This chat is for those who want to come together and share, encourage, and uplift each other while we wait for this investment to happen. If you don’t believe it ever will happen, do not come into our chat room spewing negativity and disruption. If you do, you will be banned.

Personal Attacks

If you come into chat and insist on leveling personal attacks on another person or persons, it will not be tolerated. There is simply no need for this kind of juvenile behavior. Our chat is for adults who can conduct themselves accordingly. Making personal attacks is not acceptable. If you do, you will be banned.



There are many opinions about the Iraqi Dinar as to what will or won’t happen relating to an RV. Nobody has all the answers. Nobody knows the date or the rates. If they did, somebody would have gotten something right by now! This site brings everyone together to share beliefs, “intel / rumortel” etc. Use your best judgement and hold on to your currency until we see what happens.


Here’s how this site works… The LIVE Iraqi Dinar chat room is just that. Everyone is welcome to fully engage with other members of the iraqi Dinar community about the Iraqi Dinar and all other currencies etc. The difference with our chat room is that you don’t have to walk on eggshells with what you say or what topic you wish to speak about etc. out of fear of being banned. While this is not meant to be a license to be rude, it is meant for you to be able to fully engage with anyone and speak your mind and your beliefs. We can be civil even if we don’t always agree. We have the right to free speech and that right was never meant to be muted or silenced because of some power hungry control freak MOD with a personal agenda. Our LIVE Iraqi Dinar chat room is not your typical chat room. It includes several super cool features that we believe you will really love. 🙂 To get started all you need to do is start typing a comment into the box along the top of the chat window. You will be prompted to choose to comment as a guest or to create a username and password. If you choose to create a username and password, you can also choose your own personalized custom avatar image! NOTE: If you are involved in various Iraqi Dinar chat rooms and you go by a particular name, and you want to keep that same name here, you need to grab it before someone else does! It’s first come first served. You can also login with your Twitter or Facebook if you like. It’s totally up to you. We do not see or have access to any login information. Everything is totally encrypted and secure. You should also see the additional tabs that appear beside this Introduction tab. The FAQ tab includes answers to the most frequently asked questions. The Intel / Guru / Helpful Sites tab includes popular community websites and more! Click the link of the site you wish to surf and it will open up for you right on the same page! This allows you to surf the web while watching a video and / or fully engaging in our Iraqi Dinar chat room, all at the same time! The Latest Call Replays tab includes the replay numbers and access codes for popular intel / rumortel calls. This is a convenient place to be able to quickly find the one(s) you want to listen to, when you want to listen to them. Occasionally a site located in the tab may not load. If this happens just refresh this page and all should work. If you experience this often, it means you have too many things open and running on your computer at the same time and your computer memory can’t keep up. For the best viewing experience and engagement… shut down all unnecessary software programs and close all other web browser tabs and windows. This will give your computer’s system resources more memory to work with and ensure everything runs smoothly. If you have a comment, feedback, question, or suggestion you may send an email using the form below. All emails are reviewed and appreciated. We are all on this ride together. If you can think of something to make this site better, by all means let us know. Terms of Service and Usage This terms of service agreement sets forth the legally binding terms for your use of this website. By use of this website you agree to hold the owners harmless in the event of any claim of any kind. This site is “as is” and we make no claims of any kind. We are not personally or professionally responsible for any person’s comments or conduct, or any content delivered through a tab on this site. We make no warranties or guarantees of any kind, either expressed or implied. Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall we, or anyone involved in creating, producing, or distributing this website and it’s content, including our live call, be liable for anything. We accept no responsibility for your acts and / or omissions including your personal conduct while engaging with anyone either on this site and / or on our live call. We make no representation of whether or not the Iraqi Dinar or any currency will or will not revalue. We aren’t in charge of it and have absolutely no control over what may or may not happen. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless all parties associated with this site and our live call against any and all actions, claims, demands, proceedings, liabilities, damages, judgements, fines, penalties, costs and expenses, including attorney’s fees and related costs. By using this website and our live call, you agree to the terms set forth in this agreement. Privacy Policy None of your personal information is collected for any reason. You are encouraged to use this site anonymously if you have any privacy concerns. Unlike other live calls for example which claim not to collect your data and then kick people off their call when they dial in anonymously, you will never be kicked off of our live call simply because you chose to dial in anonymously. We have no reason or desire to collect any personal data from you. For your own personal safety and to preserve your personal identity, you should never reveal your personal information to anyone over the Internet whom you do not know.


If you have a question that isn’t listed… send it to us using the contact form below. How do I make sure I get the audio RV ALERT ANNOUNCEMENT from this chat room? Once you are logged in to the chat room as a registered user, click the gear icon located in the top left corner of the chat window. Next, click Audible Alerts from the menu. Make sure you see a checkmark beside it. To confirm it is turned on, go back a second time by clicking on the same gear and you should see the checkmark. If you do not see it, click it again from the menu and then recheck it.


When the RV happens, we will send an alert into the chat room. As long as you have followed the steps correctly above, and your speakers are on with the volume turned up, you will hear the audible alert. How do Push Notifications work? Many asked if we would implement a mechanism to allow them to receive BREAKING NEWS and of course the RV ANNOUNCEMENT instantly in live, real time. We are very pleased to offer this option. To receive Push Notifications all you need to do is simply click the “Allow” button when prompted at the top of the website when it loads. If you do not see the ‘Allow” button, you need to reload the site. It will appear afterward. Once you click the “Allow” button, you will receive a confirmation message letting you know you are all set. Chrome, Firefox, Safari. How do I get the chat on my cell phone? Android users… go to our site address, look for three little dots in the upper right corner, select go to desktop. iPhone users… this site explains how to easily do it… https://www.tekrevue.com/tip/request-desktop-site-ios-9/ Now you can take our LIVE chat room with you EVERYWHERE and never miss a moment of the fun! How do I get into the LIVE chat room? You can either come in as a guest or a registered user. Both are very easy. Just above the tabs area you should see the area where the chat room module exists. 

  1. Click the New User Account button.
  2. Enter your desired username into the Username field. It is case sensitive.
  3. Enter your desired password into the Password field. Write them both down and store them in a safe place!
  4. Enter your desired password again to verify it contains no typos and matches what you entered in previous field.
  5. Enter your desired email address into the eMail Address field. This is very important. We do not see your email. It is so you can retrieve your password if you forget it and need access to your registered account.
  6. Name and Gender are optional.
  7. Check the box beside I Agree.
  8. Click the Create Account button.
  9. If your password is weak, the system will ask you to create a stronger one.
  10. That’s it! Now you should see a message telling you… Your account has been created, and you may now sign-in!
  11. Your username and password will already be filled in for you.
  12. Check the Remember Password box so you don’t have to enter it each and every time.
  13. Click the Sign-In button.
  14. Next you will hear an audible sound letting you know you are in the chat room.
  15. You will see a minimized box in the center of the window. To the right you will see a smaller box. before you click on the chat room box to maximize it, look at the smaller box first. Across the top of the smaller box you will see three icons. Hover your mouse over each one and you will see they are “Users” “Chat Rooms” and “Notifications”. Each is explained in detail below. In the upper left corner of the same smaller box you will see a gear icon. Click it. This is where you create your profile and upload your personal profile image which also doubles as your chat room avatar! You can also change your status to Away.

How do I maximize the chat room window when I first login? Look at the right top corner of the chat room window. You will see three icons. Hover your mouse over each one and note their names. “Maximize” “Collapse” and “Close. Maximize opens the chat to it’s fullest size. Now you are ready to chat live with members of the community! What does the “Collapse” icon do? Go ahead and click on the collapse icon. It will take the chat room all the way down to just the title bar enabling you to see the image in the background. Pretty sweet huh? Click it again and it will restore the smaller chat room window. Next click the maximize icon to the left again and it will maximize the chat window for you. What happens if I click the “X” icon? Click it to see what it does. It closes the chat room. You are still logged in, you just can’t see the chat room itself. How do I get the chat room to come back? Click the Chat Rooms icon (the middle one) located on the smaller box. Next you will see the name(s) of available chats you can enter. Click the Live Chat option and presto… the chat room appears again! What does the Users icon do? The Users icon shows you the members of the community that are currently logged into the chat room. You can scroll through the list, send a private message, even search for users using the Search Users box at the bottom of the small box. What does the Notifications icon do? The Notifications icon lets you know if you have any Private Messages waiting for you. With our chat you don’t have to be online to still get your messages. They are always waiting for you in the little box! How can I make the chat room bigger? The concept of this site layout is to allow you to watch a video, chat live in the chat room, plus surf the web all at the same time. How can I tell how many people are in the chat room? Two ways. You can look at the room list located to the right of the chat window. It shows everyone who is currently logged in to the chat. You can also click the first of the three icons that appear at the top of the chat box window to collapse the chat window. This allows you to now see the smaller window to the right. On that smaller window when you click the middle icon at the top (which is the Chat Rooms icon) it shows you the name of the chat room and how many people are currently logged in. Is it really that important that I have a personal avatar and profile image? Yes! Having a personal avatar makes it much easier for others in the chat room to engage and interact with you. It also helps people quickly locate you and also see your chat room comments. How do I add my avatar by my username in the chat room? Click the first icon at the top of the chat box window on the right side. This reduces the size of the chat window so you can see the smaller window to the right of your screen. On the smaller window click the gear icon on the top left corner. Next, click My Profile from the menu. It opens up the Edit Profile window. Next, click the Profile Image tab. From this tab you can either drag and drop your desired avatar / profile image onto the outlined box or you can click the link to navigate to the desired image on your computer. The image you choose to add to your profile also doubles as your avatar image and appears beside your username in the chat room and also in the users list to the right of the chat room window. Here’s a great place to start looking for a cool avatar to fit your username / personality etc. They have a HUGE searchable selection… http://www.iconarchive.com/tag/desktop When someone sends a link to a video in the chat room and I click on it to watch and then go to type a comment in the chat, the video disappears. How do I get back to it? Click the first icon at the top right side of the chat room window. You will see the video player box as the chat window reduces in size. Then if you want, you can drag and resize the chat room window so that it is positioned beside the video player window. You can also reposition the chat room window so that you can see both the chat and the smaller window which shows the room count, notifications etc. After you find a size and position you like, all you have to do is click the first icon at the top right side of the chat room window to go back and forth between your readjusted custom window size and full size chat window. How do I make the chat room text BIGGER? Click the gear in the top left corner of the chat room window. Next, choose Text Size from the menu and select the size you want. How do I enable system sounds so I can hear when I get a private message or a system alert such as the RV notification? Click the gear in the top left corner of the chat room window. Next, choose Audible Alerts from the menu. When you see a check mark you know it has been enabled. How do I change my status from Online to Away? Click the first icon on the top right side of the chat window to reduce the chat room window so that you can see the smaller window below and to the right of your screen. Click the gear icon and then click Status from the menu and choose “Away” or “Online”. When you choose Away your username is pushed to the bottom of the usernames list and other chat room users will see an indicator that you are away beside your username. When you change your status back to Online, your username goes back up in the list alphabetically. Do I need to logout of the chat room? No. You can simply change your status to Away when you are away to let others know you are not in front of your computer. How can I find another user who I may have had a great chat experience with previously? Click the first icon at the top right side of the chat window to reduce the chat window so you can see the smaller window to the right side of your screen. Next, click the Users icon. You will then see a list of users who are currently logged in. Look down at the bottom of the smaller window. You will see a box that says “Search Users”. Enter the username you are looking for. It will be displayed. Then you can click to send the person a private message! How do I send a Private Message to another user? Find the username of the person you want to send the message to in the users list. Click their username. Choose Instant Message from the menu. A window will pop up. Type your message and hit the enter key. Do I have to be logged in to receive private messages? No. As soon as you log back in again and click the Notifications icon located on the smaller window to the right side of your screen, you will see if you have any Private Messages! Is there a way to tell what time a comment was made in the chat room? Yes. Hover your mouse over any comment to see the time stamp! How do I use the emoticons? Click the Emoticons tab to see a complete list of currently available custom emoticons. Type either the symbol or trigger phrase into the comments box and hit the enter key. The corresponding emoticon will be displayed in the chat room! You can get creative with them in a large variety of ways. Explore and try them out. You’ll quickly get the hang of it! How does the green “Today’s Playlist” tab work? Click on the green tab to slide out a NEW playlist each day! That’s right. To see the new playlist each day… reload the page and then click the green tab. Click the play button to play the videos. They will automatically go to the next video in the playlist. It’s easy to skip a video also. Click the 3rd icon over from the left under the video player. It will fast forward to the next video. Another cool feature is you can open the tab up and click the video play button to start the video, then you can click the tab again to close it and the video will continue to play! If you want to pause or stop the music, simply open the tab again and either click to stop or pause. What is the red “Today’s Chat Topic Suggestion” tab all about? It’s a tab where each day a new video is displayed. It is a suggestion topic to help get the chat room conversation going etc. The video content in the red tab will always include news events and related things that people often have strong opinions on. This is to encourage spirited engagement. To see the new video each day, reload the page. How can I do my part to help you make this site a success? You can help us get the word out to the community. Share this site in the chat rooms, on the calls, in the Skype rooms, everywhere you are engaging and interacting with those within the community. Let everyone know how cool this site is and that they now have a place where they can come to freely speak without fear of being muted or banned. Let them know we have a LIVE chat room and call that are both ALWAYS OPEN! Do you make any money from this site? No. We make no money from this site. We will never ask for donations either. Any advertisements you see are on the sites themselves that appear when you visit their pages. We have no control over those and we receive no money from them. Is the call really always open? Yes! We recognized the fact that there are obviously times when the other calls are closed. And there are still tons of people in the community that would like to engage with one another. And so we set up our call line to always be available 24 hours per day, seven days per week! As long as there is at least one other person on the call when you dial in, you are good to go. You can also arrange in advance when your click or group etc. dial in to our number since you know it will always be open. 🙂 Now you can call in to a number where you won’t hear poor quality music or a control freak MOD telling you how to live your life or what you need to be doing… like you have no brain and only they know what’s best for you! ENOUGH! How can I get the most out of this site? That’s an excellent question! 🙂 Once you click the button that reads “NOW PLAYING” you will notice the screen automatically scrolls down to precisely the position where the videos appear at the top of your screen. This makes it easy for you to watch a video while also engaging in the LIVE chat room, as well as surfing the websites located on the “Intel / Guru / Helpful Websites” tab. This is why the layout of this site is how it is. It was designed to make it easy for you to do multiple things at once, easily and conveniently from the same page! Let’s say you have already watched the videos and you want to reclaim the space where they occupy at the top of the screen. Simply click the LIVE CHAT ROOM button which scrolls the page down to position the chat room at the top of your screen. Now you can engage in the chat room while also surfing the websites below! Can you give me an example of how this site will benefit me and the community? Sure we can give you lots of them! How about we focus on just a couple…

  1. Let’s say you are in a another community chat room for example and you would like to share a pin code or anything else that will get you banned. All you have to do is send a private message to whomever you would like… asking them to meet you on this site. Then you can openly speak and share whatever you like.
  2. Perhaps you would like to transcribe a live community call or talk about what a guru said in their recent call. On some controlling sites you will be banned if you transcribe those guru’s who are on their “banned list” but not here. It’s called a community for a reason. One “guru” doesn’t get the right to pass judgement on every other guru and decide who’s intel is worthy to be shared and who isn’t. Especially when they themselves have NEVER been right about any intel! You know who you are. We report you decide. 🙂

There are many creative ways you can use this site. You will discover them the more you use it. Our goal is to make this site a central hub where every member of the community comes to stay on top of everything that is happening within the community. We realized when designing this site that in order for that to happen, it needed to be a place where every voice is heard and with no hidden agenda. How can I position the page so I can see the chat room and surf websites at the same time? That’s easy! First use the scroll bar to the right of your screen to position the chat room at the top of your screen. Next, click on the “Intel / Guru Websites” tab. Then click on the site you want to surf from the menu. Now look for the scroll bar that appears to the right of the website you selected. This is the scroll bar you use to scroll that specific website without moving the rest of the page! You can also move your cursor over the website you selected and scroll using your mouse wheel to make the page move up and down inside the window frame. This is very handy when you want to keep up with the LIVE chat conversation while also surfing the websites! I don’t see the videos! How can I see them? First give the page a minute to fully load. If you still don’t see them, reload the page and they should appear. I don’t see the chat room! How can I see it? First give the page a minute to fully load. If you still don’t see it, reload the page and it should appear. I don’t see the login window to login to the chat room. How do I get it back? If you do not see the login window, look in the bottom right corner of the chat window for a icon that looks like a puzzle piece. Click the puzzle icon. It will open the chat bar. One or more of the sites doesn’t load when I click the menu link. How can I get them to load? A site failing to load could be the site itself is having an issue. Or it could mean you need to close some of the things you currently have open to free up some of your system resources and memory. Try reloading the site and see if that helps. I have a website that I believe you should add to the list of sites everyone can surf from this site. How can I get it to you? Great! We are always on the lookout for sites that will truly help the community. Send it to us using the contact form below for consideration.. How often are the videos changed? Typically every couple days or so. Why did you create this site for the Dinar community? We felt it was time the community had a place where they could gather without fear of being muted or banned. That’s the short answer. After being part of the community for many years, listening to conference calls and seeing the interaction in various chat rooms… it became very clear that most MODS are very controlling and manipulative. If you do not agree with what they say then you are muted or banned. You are not allowed to bring up certain subjects or topics but they can! This isn’t how free speech works. In a society where there is free speech… everyone has a voice that counts. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree. Your voice is still important and your beliefs are as well. We will never all agree on everything. That doesn’t mean we can’t be civil with one another and simply agree to disagree. And when we do disagree… and we will… you will NOT be banned simply because we disagree. What about those intel / guru providers who may not like this site? Frankly speaking, if a person doesn’t like this site and YOUR ability to speak freely and engage with others who can also do the same, then you have to ask yourself why they have an issue with it. There can only be one reason. They don’t want you to be out of their control or manipulation. When you are on their call or in their chat room… they can control and manipulate what you say. If you are on our call and in our chat room… you can relax and feel free to exercise your right to free speech. It is not up to some “guru” to tell you where and when your rights stop. If more people would wake up and realize this, the community would be far better for it.

To refresh any site… click the website link again to reload the site. Have a site you feel should be added, send it to us via the contact form below for consideration. Guru . Recaps . Chronicles . Detectives . TNT . IQD Calls . RATES . Iraqi News . Aljazeera . Iraq Business News . Search Privately . Currency Calculator . Wealth Mgr . Show Us LOVE Sound EffectsEmoji Translator . Upside Down Text 

If there are any community replay numbers you feel should be added to this list, send them via the contact form below for consideration. BGG 641-715-3639 Pin Code: 528733# Bruce 605-562-3198 Pin Code: 123456# Frank26 641-715-3639 Pin Code: 156996# Gatekeepers 641-715-3639 Pin Code: 378652# Pastor Ed Prayer Call 641-715-3659 Pin Code: 406878# RayRen98 605-562-3179 Pin Code: 409029# Wangdang 641-715-3868 Pin Code: 894786#
The VoIP dialer allows you to listen to community conference calls through your computer. To use it simply RIGHT click HERE and then left click on “open link in a new tab” OR “open link in a new window”. Choose the number of the call you want and enter the pin code and a name. Then click the place call button. Once connected, you can listen to the call through your computer speakers while you hang out in our awesome live chat room, surf the web etc. It’s really cool. Try it! 🙂
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