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Website / Call Guidelines…

Stay within these guidelines and it’s all good…

Please carefully review our guidelines for usage of our Iraqi Dinar currency chat room and live call. We want to ensure everyone has a pleasurable experience. We are the most relaxed and open chat in all of Dinarland. However, that does not mean you can come into chat or on our call and do things that cause others not to want to be part of our community.

You can’t yell FIRE in a crowded theater!
Even as relaxed and as laid back as our chat room and call are, it does not mean that you can come to either and just start dropping F bombs and trying to purposely make the atmosphere uncomfortable for everyone and then complain when you yourself have created the uncomfortable situation. The first amendment gives you the right of free speech. However, you must use common sense.

Non Believer
If you do not believe in this investment then this is not the place for you. Our chat and call are for those who want to come together and share, encourage, and lift each other up while we wait together for this investment to happen. If you don’t believe it will ever happen… do not come into our chat room or to our live call purposely trying to spew negativity and disruption.

Personal Attacks
The gurus put themselves out there in the spotlight. They make all kinds of claims and frankly all have the same terrible track record. They deserve to be called out and I wholeheartedly encourage and support everyone freely speaking their mind. However, I draw the line when it comes to attacking others within our chat room or on our live call.

Common Sense Please
Listen, you’ve got a phenomenal resource here. There isn’t anything like it anywhere in the Dinar community. Every other site has power hungry, ego driven mods who dictate, control, and prevent you from being able to freely speak your mind. That’s not how we operate. You have real freedom in our live chat and on our live call. Enjoy yourself but be mindful that as adults we should each conduct ourselves in a manner that adds to what we have and doesn’t take away from it. If you become the problem then as much as I don’t want to… I will exercise my right to kick your ass out!

The closer we get to an RV the more important this resource is!
I have personally witnessed incidents where other calls and chat rooms have banned people for really lame things. You do not want to have the rug jerked out from under you at the whim of some power hungry dictator and lose your connection to what’s going on. Stay cool here and you won’t ever have any worries.