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Frequently Asked Questions…

Check these out and become informed.

How do I join the LIVE stream screen with audio or video?
Click here for a quick overview.

Why should I sign up for Push Notifications?

How do I sign up to receive Push Notifications?
Watch the features video to see an overview. Click features link in the menu top of this page.

If you are having trouble subscribing to our Push Notifications, try this…

1. Make sure you have third-party cookies enabled in your web browser.
2. Clear your web browser history.
3. Close all instances of your web browser.
4. If you use any software that deletes temporary files and junk etc. from your system, run it to clean up your computer.

After you’ve completed the above steps, come back to this site and try again to subscribe. It should work for you then.

What is a really cool way to use the chat room?
I’m glad you asked! One really cool way you can use our chat room is when there are other calls and live stream events on sites like YouTube and Live Stream happening in our community. You can gather your friends and tell them to meet you in our chat room. That way everyone can openly and freely share how they really feel about what is being said etc. It’s a HUGE and very welcome change from being muted, deleted, banned, or blocked from the other calls and live stream events simply because you ask a question, disagree with the agenda, or have an opinion.

How do I send a private message to someone when they are not online in chat?
It’s easy! First you need to know their username. If you aren’t sure what it is you can search for it by clicking on the “List All Users” button located just below the log in box. Next locate their name and then click on it. When you do you will see it opens up their profile where you will see under “Private Messaging” another link “Send Message”. The next way you can do it is to click on your own username. Next click on “New Message” and start typing their name into the “Recipient(s)” box. You will see the username(s) start to appear matching the letters you have typed. Click the one you want. You will see that it automatically enters the username into the “to” area for you and shows a box where you can send to more than one person at the same time you would like to. Next compose your message and click send. Then the next time the person logs into chat they will see they have a new private message under their name in the login box.

Do you make money from this website?
NO. This website is not monetized in any way. I do not earn any money from this site.

Do you make money from your YouTube channel?
NO. My YouTube channel is not monetized.

Do you make money from your live call?
NO. I do not make money from our call.

Do you accept donations or ever ask for them?
NO. I do not have a donate button anywhere on this site. I never ask for donations. I do not need your money.

Why did you create this website for the Dinar community?
Frankly speaking I simply got tired of the bullshit! I got tired of seeing the gurus mute and ban people for either having an opinion, disagreeing with their agenda or questioning their motives. I saw the community was missing a place to go where they can openly and freely share and exchange thoughts, ideas, questions etc. all without fear of being silenced.

How can I get help registering for your chat room and use this website features?
Go to the FEATURES page to get an easy to follow outline of how everything works.

What time is your live call on?
Our call is open 24/7. Our call line never closes! All you need to do to connect with others within the community is simply dial in and say hi. The number and pin code are all you need.

Which guru do you believe has the best intel?
I think they are all full of shit. They are all selling stuff and depend upon lots of people in the community to be hooked on their claims. It is in their best interest to string the gullible along and feed them anything they can to ensure the money keeps pouring in.

Do you believe we will see a big return on the Iraqi Dinar?
I pray that we will. However, I have no real way of knowing one way or the other. No one else does either that claims to have all the answers! I believe many things have happened over these past couple of years that makes a pretty strong case for our desires to be realized. My strategy as it relates to this investment has always been to assume the rate will be 1:1 and that we will have to pay 50% in taxes. This is how I figured out how much currency I needed. This way in the event the rate is much lower than the guru’s claim, I am still in a very good place. Anything above 1:1 will be an even greater blessing.