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If you’ve been a Dinar holder for even a short time, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen first hand how censorship works in the Dinar community. It’s ugly and it should have no place in the Dinar community. As a holder of the Dinar currency, you should strive to get all of the information and not settle for only what the gurus want you to have.

Censorship comes in various forms in the Dinar community. One place it happens is in Dinar chat rooms and also in the chat box located beside a live stream event.

Another place censorship happens to Dinar currency holders is in the comments section below a posted video such as on YouTube. The comments are either deleted, or the channel owner simply turns comments off so that nobody can leave a comment on the video. The slick guru will spin this by claiming it is to stop “trolls” or some other lame attempt to justify the real reason.

It also happens on Dinar calls where callers are often muted and even “banned”. They are told “You can’t come back. You are not welcome here.” The same thing happens in Dinar chat rooms.

The question you must ask yourself is why. Why is the Dinar community being controlled and manipulated in this manner? Well, the answer is actually very simple. It all comes down to two things… ego and money.

Why do the gurus take advantage of the Dinar community?

Because they can.

1. Ego.

You can see it on their face. You can hear it in their voice. You can also see it in their actions. They are all driven to be the first one to call the RV! Unfortunately in their quest to be the first and to present themselves as the expert or the authority etc. they must offer up content that keeps you coming back to them. They need you to hang on their every word. Sadly this puts the entire Dinar community at risk and leaves many vulnerable and gullible. They are blinded by the “personality” and the promises of an RV happening any moment. And because they have been conditioned and manipulated… they have lost sight of logic and common sense. They have in many cases abandoned logical reasoning.

2. Money.

You should tread with extreme caution here. The first indicator that should be a HUGE red flag is if the guru is asking you for money in any capacity.

Some gurus charge a monthly fee for their “Premium Chat“. Some sell MLM programs. Some sell “workshops” to offer financial advice. Some sell trusts. Some sell “consulting services”. Some don’t sell anything but offer up reasons why you should still send them “donations“. It doesn’t matter what the deception… I mean the methods used are to separate you from your money. The bottom line is if you fall for it and send your money to them you have been taken in by their smooth talking bullshit! Don’t fall for it. Don’t send them a dime.

It reminds me of professional wrestlers who mismanaged their money and are now broke at the end of their career. But somehow they believe the fans are supposed to give them donations to cover their expenses. So they set up a GoFundMe page with some carefully written sob story crafted to gain sympathy and solicit money! The gurus do the same thing except they believe the Dinar community is supposed to pay their bills and cover all of their expenses because they are providing “intel”. The question is what were they doing before the Dinar opportunity presented itself? How did they manage to survive without the Dinar community supporting them?

Now of course the gurus will spin anything in their favor. They have to save face in front of their followers after all. They can’t be seen in a light that doesn’t best serve their agenda. And this is a very dangerous and extremely slippery slope.

How does being censored affect the Dinar community?

1. Greed.

The “guru” will say whatever he or she needs to in order to get as many people as possible in the Dinar community to send them money. This is manipulation pure and simple.

2. Emotion.

The “guru” will appeal to your emotion and try their best to persuade you into doing whatever they want you to do. It could be to send them money… follow and support their agenda without question… and most of all remain blind and gullible.

3. Deception.

The “guru” will often deceive you by omission. It’s one of the many reasons why they censor, mute, block, and ban people who they know could jeopardize their ability to continue their cash cow operation. They will work very hard to keep their followers hooked, entertained, and believing they have some secret sources, high level government agency contacts etc. One guru stood in front of a federal court judge and admitted under oath that he had no contacts. The question is did he lie to the judge or has he been lying to all of us all these years?

4. Control.

The “guru” is all about control. They know in order to keep making money they must protect their income stream(s). And in case you may be wondering just how much money is being made off of Dinar holders… let’s take a peek inside one gurus Dinar business to get an idea of how much money they are making. Perhaps this will be enough to sober some of you up and wake the rest of you up to what is happening every day in Dinarland.

Besides the MLM and other related products and services this guru is pitching, he also makes money from advertising during his call. He earns money by selling the Dinar currency. He earns money from his chat room. And this alone should get your attention. He has stated on multiple occasions that he has over 2,000 subscribers who pay him $10. per month. A little basic math tells us he is raking in around $20,000. per month ($240,000. per year) from his Dinar business. Do I have your attention yet? Do you need more? Okay…

Another guru charges $500. for what he calls “Wealth Retention Workshops”. And he does these events all across the country. Oh and by the way, he requires a minimum of 10 people to perform… I mean put on one of these events. I’ve spoken with people who regret paying him a penny who shared there were as many as 40 or more people at some of his events. Let’s say he does one of these events a month and averages just 20 people each paying him $500. to attend. That’s $10,000. per month ($120,000. per year) from his Dinar business. FACT: This same guru has a permanent federal injunction against him by the US government involving money, trusts, taxes, financial advice etc. And yet despite this he still flies around the country putting on these “workshops” offering up advice.

The bottom line is there is plenty of motivation to censor you to protect their Dinar business. There are plenty of reasons why these people go to great lengths to control, dictate, manipulate, and prevent their followers from getting all of the information. Ask yourself how much sense it really makes for you to only have a few pieces instead of the entire puzzle. Ask yourself how much sense it makes for you send your money to people who are taking advantage of the weak and desperate. Ask yourself why they would be motivated to censor comments and speech when it does not fit their agenda. Ask yourself what is in it for them to do so, and you have your answer.

The next time you are in a chat room, on a call, watching a live stream event etc. and hear or see people being muted, banned, comments deleted… ask yourself what the guru is afraid of. Ask yourself what they are trying to avoid. Ask yourself why they feel threatened by allowing the Dinar community to freely and openly engage with their followers. Ask yourself why they trust you to send them your money but they don’t trust you enough to make up your own mind about what you read or hear in the community. Always remember when censorship is allowed to take priority over the truth and the facts then you are in trouble.

The warning signs are right in front of you if you just open your eyes! Every guru is showing you exactly who and what they are.



Here’s just one of many examples. Watch the video where Frank says if you want him to stop putting advertisers on his stream you need to pay him $1,600 a month! That’s another way of admitting he is earning $1,600 a month from advertisers! This is also alarming proof that he needs to keep as many people watching as possible in order to keep the advertisers paying him.