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Iraqi Dinar Chat Room


Our Iraqi dinar chat room is open 24/7. Everyone in the Dinar community is welcome. We have the only chat room in the community that does not ban you for having an opinion. You are truly free to openly share your thoughts without fear of being muted, kicked, or banned. You can bring in “intel” and “rumortel” from all of the other chats, calls, forums, streams etc. We also have features you won’t find anywhere else that make your experience very enjoyable.

Iraqi Dinar Live Stream


SCHEDULE: 11AM…ish and 8pm… ish EST Mon. – Sat. Our Iraqi Dinar live stream is high energy and lots of fun! Just like our chat and call… you are able to openly engage and interact with the Dinar community in a free and open manner. You will see and hear the difference once you join us on the live stream! We share everything that is happening and hold nothing back. This is how it is supposed to be when adults get together without egomaniacal MOD dictators. Enjoy yourself, and tell your friends!

Iraqi Dinar Call

LIVE CALL 667-770-1476 | 649317#

Our Iraqi Dinar call is open 24/7. Everyone in the Dinar community is welcome. We have the only call in the community that does not mute you for having an opinion. You are truly free to openly share your thoughts without fear of being muted. You can bring in “intel” and “rumortel” from all of the other chats, calls, forums, streams etc. Our call makes it easy to stay connected to the Dinar community anytime you like.

As soon as the Iraqi Dinar RV is announced, I will flip a switch and LOCK DOWN our chat room, call, and live stream events. The ONLY way you will be able to access them, is by being registered for our chat room PRE RV. This is for PRIVACY and SECURITY concerns. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.

Discover why RCE is voted #1 by Iraqi Dinar holders.

Openly chat without censorship about all things related to the Iraqi Dinar currency RV. Openly share intel and rumors from all other chats, calls, Skype rooms, forums, live streams etc. Bring it all in without fear. There are no power hungry ego driven mods telling you what you can or cannot talk about. You are free to exercise your freedom of speech and talk about religion, politics, and of course everything relating to the Iraqi Dinar and other currencies! This is your chance to really share and engage with the Iraqi Dinar community the way it should be, without fear of being muted or banned for having an opinion. Every opinion matters and the gurus cannot stop you from sharing how you really feel in our chat room, on our call, and on our live streams. Enjoy your freedom, and invite your friends in the community to join us!

“Pure genius! Absolutely superior to any other chat room out there. BRAVO on a well thought out design and layout. You thought of everything! Thank you so much.”

“It is impressive what you pulled together here.”

“About time this happened, thanks to who ever thought of it.”

“Thanks – should spread like a wildfire as well. Thank you again for being here for us.”

“I had become so frustrated with other chats and calls because of the moderator’s doubletalk and controlling nature. I’m not a child and I don’t appreciate being talked over and down to. You have come up with something here that is so much needed. There simply isn’t anything out in Dinarland that can touch this! Thank you.”

“This site IS the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in Dinarland…really.”

“I am so thankful to now have a place to openly talk with other Dinarians without being told what I can and can’t say. This is HEAVEN!”

“This is beyond awesome. Finally a place to hear what other dinarians have to say without being cut off in fear of sounding the slightest concerned and making them seem negative. Thanks so much!”

“Thank you for figuring out what was desperately needed in the Iraqi Dinar community and creating it for us all.”

“This is beyond awesome. Finally a place to hear what other dinarians have to say without being cut off in fear of sounding the slightest concerned and making them seem negative. Thanks so much!”

“Finally somebody gets it. Thank God! We have needed something like this for years. The out of control MODS on the other calls and chats have made them such undesirable places to be and engage with the community. I’ve been here a few hours and already feel relaxed and at ease in a peaceful environment where I don’t have to worry about being banned because I may disagree with somebody. Thank you.”

“Thanks for bringing us some freedom.”

“This is how it should be. You have absolutely nailed it! I can see why so many people emailed me the first night you went live. Great job.”

“Once I saw everything available from this site, I didn’t need to waste time elsewhere. I love the options and the freedom!”

An open letter to everyone holding Iraqi Dinar

Dear Iraqi Dinar Currency Holder,

Let’s talk about the Iraqi Dinar Currency RV Intel Iraq. For too many years now we have all waited together for this rollercoaster ride to finally come to an end. We’ve endured many lies from people who claimed to have all the answers, the best contacts… and well, you know the rest. And now, the time has come for the community to come together without CENSORSHIP, without a MUTE button, and take back what has been taken away from us, from out of control MOD dictators with hidden agendas and a DONATE button.

We need to get the word out about this site. The more we spread the word within the Iraqi Dinar community, the more of the community will join us here, where everyone is welcome and every opinion matters. We are tired and frustrated. The last thing we need is to be treated like children who are better seen and not heard. We have much to contribute and we have just as much right as anyone else to be heard. This is OUR community and it does NOT belong to a chosen few, even though some believe otherwise. It belongs to ALL of us.

We have ALL sacrificed in some way. Some a lot more than others. Right now there are THOUSANDS in Dinarland who are sick and tired of the calls and Iraqi Dinar chat rooms where they are being fed pure bullshit by people who claim to have the best contacts… NONE of which have ever been right. Enough.

Imagine what it will be like when you are able to freely and openly engage with members of the community, in a central hub (if you will) where everyone knows they can come together without fear of being cut off from the “intel” sources for one ridiculous reason or another, and at the whim of a fool who enjoys silencing people who disagree with them or who doesn’t want the real truth to be shared.

I urge you to reach out to everyone you can via Iraqi Dinar chat rooms, calls, forums, Skype rooms and any other community medium you are aware of that includes Dinarians. Let them know they now have a place where their voice will be heard and there is free and open dialog as it should be. When sharing our site, make sure to always give the complete website address and invite the community to come experience the difference with us, both in our LIVE chat room and 24/7 call.

Thank you, from one Iraqi Dinar community family member to another. We want you to know you are valued and appreciated.

God bless you,


Website / Call / Chat Room / Live Stream Guidelines

Stay within these guidelines and it’s all good.

Please carefully review our guidelines for usage of our Iraqi Dinar currency chat room, live call, and live streaming events. We want to ensure everyone has a pleasurable experience. We are the most relaxed and open chat in all of Dinarland. However, that does not mean you can come into chat or on our call, or on our stream and do things that cause others not to want to be part of our community.

You can’t yell FIRE in a crowded theater!
Even as relaxed and as laid back as our chat room, call, and streams are, it does not mean you can come in and just start dropping F bombs and trying to purposely make the atmosphere uncomfortable for everyone else, and then complain when you yourself have created the uncomfortable situation. The first amendment gives you the right of free speech. However, you must use common sense.

Non Believer
If you do not believe in this Iraqi Dinar investment then this is not the place for you. Our chat, call, and streams are for those who want to come together and share, encourage, and lift each other up while we wait together for this investment to happen. If you don’t believe it will ever happen… do not come into our chat room, our call, or our streams purposely trying to spew negativity and disruption.

Personal Attacks
The gurus put themselves out there in the spotlight. They make all kinds of claims, and frankly all have the same terrible track record. They deserve to be called out, and I wholeheartedly encourage and support everyone freely speaking their mind. However, I draw the line when it comes to attacking others within our chat room, call, or streams.

Common Sense Please
Listen, you’ve got a phenomenal resource here. There isn’t anything like it anywhere in the Iraqi Dinar community. Every other site has power hungry, ego driven mods who dictate, control, and prevent you from being able to freely speak your mind. That’s not how we operate. You have real freedom in our live chat, on our call, and stream. Enjoy yourself but be mindful that as adults we should each conduct ourselves in a manner that adds to what we have and doesn’t take away from it. If you become the problem, then as much as I don’t want to… I will exercise my right to kick your ass out!

The closer we get to an Iraqi Dinar RV the more important this resource is!
I have personally witnessed incidents where other calls, chat rooms, and streams have banned people for really lame things. You do not want to have the rug jerked out from under you, at the whim of some power hungry dictator, and lose your connection to what’s going on. Stay cool here and you won’t ever have any worries.

Iraqi Dinar Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions | GENERAL

Why should I opt in to receive Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are critically important. It’s how I send you an alert when we are going LIVE on a stream, call, or anything else that you should be aware of.

How do I opt in to receive Push Notifications?

Go here to get the scoop with visuals!


If you are having trouble subscribing to our Push Notifications, try this…

1. Make sure you have third-party cookies enabled in your web browser.
2. Clear your web browser history.
3. Close all instances of your web browser.
4. If you use any software that deletes temporary files and junk etc. from your system, run it to clean up your computer.

After you’ve completed the above steps, come back to this site and try again to subscribe. It should work for you then.

Which guru do you believe has the best intel?

I think they are all full of shit. They are all selling stuff and depend upon lots of people in the community to be hooked on their claims. It is in their best interest to string the gullible along and feed them anything they can to ensure the money keeps pouring in.

Do you believe we will see a big return on the Iraqi Dinar?

I pray that we will. However, I have no real way of knowing one way or the other. No one else does either that claims to have all the answers! I believe many things have happened over these past couple of years that makes a pretty strong case for our desires to be realized. My strategy as it relates to this investment has always been to assume the rate will be 1:1 and that we will have to pay 50% in taxes. This is how I figured out how much currency I needed. This way in the event the rate is much lower than the guru’s claim, I am still in a very good place. Anything above 1:1 will be an even greater blessing.

Do you accept donations or ever ask for them?

NO. I do not have a donate button anywhere on this site. I never ask for donations. I do not need your money.

Do you make money from this website?

NO. This website is not monetized in any way. I do not earn any money from this site.

Do you make money from your live STREAM?

NO. Our stream is not monetized.

Do you make money from your live call?

NO. Our call is not monetized.

Why did you create this website for the Dinar community?

Frankly speaking I simply got tired of the bullshit! I got tired of seeing the gurus mute and ban people for either having an opinion, disagreeing with their agenda or questioning their motives. I saw the community was missing a place to go where they can openly and freely share and exchange thoughts, ideas, questions etc. all without fear of being silenced.

Frequently Asked Questions | CHAT

How can I get help registering for your chat room?

Go here to register. If you need visuals to help you understand how to register, go here.

What is a really cool way to use the chat room?

I’m glad you asked! One really cool way you can use our chat room is when there are other calls and live stream events on sites like YouTube and Live Stream happening in our community. You can gather your friends and tell them to meet you in our chat room. That way everyone can openly and freely share how they really feel about what is being said etc. It’s a HUGE and very welcome change from being muted, deleted, banned, or blocked from the other calls and live stream events simply because you ask a question, disagree with the agenda, or have an opinion.

How do I send a private message to someone when they are not online in chat?

It’s easy! First you need to know their username. If you aren’t sure what it is you can search for it by clicking on the “List All Users” button located just below the log in box. Next locate their name and then click on it. When you do you will see it opens up their profile where you will see under “Private Messaging” another link “Send Message”. The next way you can do it is to click on your own username. Next click on “New Message” and start typing their name into the “Recipient(s)” box. You will see the username(s) start to appear matching the letters you have typed. Click the one you want. You will see that it automatically enters the username into the “to” area for you and shows a box where you can send to more than one person at the same time you would like to. Next compose your message and click send. Then the next time the person logs into chat they will see they have a new private message under their name in the login box.

What are the chat room rules?

Go here to see the general guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions | CALL

When is the live call on?

Our call is open 24/7. Our call line never closes! All you need to do to connect with others within the community is simply dial in (or use the dialer here) and say hi. The number and pin code are all you need.

How do you stay on the call 24/7 to allow it to stay on?

I don’t! I believe if you treat people as adults they will act like it. I have the settings set to allow the call line to be accessed without a MOD being present on the call. The gurus will never do this, because they have an agenda to control you and get your money. I don’t need your money.

How do I use the VOIP dialer?

The VoIP dialer allows you to listen to community conference calls through your computer. To use it simply go here. Choose the number of the call you want and enter the pin code and a name. Then click the place call button. Once connected, you can listen to the call through your computer speakers while you hang out in our awesome live chat room, surf the web etc. It’s really cool. Try it!

Frequently Asked Questions | STREAM

How can I get alert notifications when you go LIVE?

Right now the best thing to do is to make sure you have opted in to receive push notifications. Go here if you aren’t sure how to do it. Soon you will be able to opt in to receive an automatic email and / or text message when we go LIVE! This feature is currently being worked on and will be available soon! Stay tuned for the announcement when it is ready.

How do I join the LIVE stream?

Go here.

You will join as soon as someone lets you in?

If you go to our stream link when I (the host) am not loggged in, you won’t be able to join the stream. Instead you will get the pop up message. As soon as I am logged into the stream, you will be able to join.

How do I choose my Microphone, Speaker, Camera?

1. Select your Microphone from the drop down list. It should default automatically to the right one. You will see the animated bar moving as your talking (make sure your mic is on!) The bar is located to the right under Microphone Test.

2. Select your Speaker. It should default automatically to the right one. You can click the Play a test sound button to test it. If you hear the test sound you are good to go.

3. Enable Camera by toggling the toggle on. When your camera is enabled, you will see a live preview in the preview window.

Virtual Backgrounds can be selected by clicking the Virtual Backgrounds button located below the camera preview window.

How do I mute and unmute my Microphone?

Click the Mic icon located at the top of the screen in the middle area. If it is grey and hasa line throug it, it means you are muted. If it is green it means you are unmuted.

How do I switch between audio and video?

If you only want to be heard and not seen, make sure the Camera icon located at the top of the screen, in the middle section, is grey and has a line through it.

To allow your Mic to be unmuted, click the Mic icon located beside the Camera icon. It will turn green when your Mic is unmuted.

To easily and quickly toggle back and forth between audio only and video, simply click the Camera icon to enable or disable it. NOTE: When you disable your Camera, your profile image will show if you have uploaded one. Otherwise your name will be displayed.

How do I change my profile picture?

After you are in the LIVE stream… click the Menu icon located on the top left side of the actions bar at the top of the screen. Next, click on Edit Profile. You will see an option to Upload A Photo. TIP: An image dimension of 1920 X 1080 pixels works best. This ensures your image completely fills in the container. If your image is larger, you will be given the option to crop it down

How do I display the stream chat room?

Click the Chat icon located top of screen to the right.

How do I share my screen?

Click Extensions (located top of screen to the right) then click on Screen Sharing. Next, click Start Sharing button. You will then see option to share Entire Screen, Window, or Chrome Tab.

Is this LIVE stream monetized?

NO! I make no money from this stream or our Dinar website, or our call. NOTHING. I don’t believe in taking money from the community.

What's up with the REPLAY video?

The intel / news update portion of the morning and evening stream will be added to this page shortly after it has been recorded. This allows everyone who wasn’t able to catch the stream has it happened LIVE.

Why is only the NEWS portion recorded?

We record the news portion to ensure everyone has access to the latest developments concerning our investment. The rest of the stream is our special time together. We want everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable knowing it’s not being recorded. You can relax and just enjoy yourself amoung friends, and have a good time.

What is the LIVE stream schedule?

We don’t have a set schedule. We stream twice daily (morning and evening) Monday – Saturday. I usually do the morning stream around 11am EST. The evening stream is usually around 8pm EST. These are not exact times. They are approximate depending on what I’ve got going on.

Will special guest events be recorded?

Yes. From time to time we have special guests on the stream. We’ve had an attorney, a bank manager, and others. These events are recorded and made available for replay.

How will I know when stream is being recorded?

Look at the top of the screen to left. You will see a red timer counting the duration of the recording. If you see red timer running… the stream is currently being recorded. Otherwise you will see Recording Off.

How do I exit the stream?

Click Exit icon located top of the screen in the middle area.

How can I see how many are on the stream?

Look at the Attendees counter located top of screen on the right side.

What does the Extensions icon do?

Extensions (with the exception of Screen Sharing) are for the host (me) only.

Can I post links in chat?


What are the LIVE stream rules?

We have no MOD dictators telling you what you can or can’t talk about. You can talk about Jesus, political stuff, EVERYTHING that is being put out into the community from all of the  “gurus”, other chats, streams, forums, calls etc. Always feel free to bring it in. We have an open forum where everything is shared as it should be.

5 important things you need to do…


Iraqi Dinar Push Notifications Alerts


Push Notifications are how I stay in touch with you when important things are happening that you need to know about like when we are LIVE, the RV announcement etc.!

We also have a backup Twitter alert feed! Make sure you follow @RCEalerts.

Iraqi Dinar Chat Room


Our chat room is FREE but you do need to register for it. NOTE: Post RV our chat room will NOT be visible or open to the public. You must register and have a valid user name and password before the RV happens in order to access out chat room and hang out with us post RV. No exceptions.

Iraqi Dinar Call


Our call is a great place to stay connected with the community. NOTE: You must register for our free chat room in order to be able to access our call post RV. No exceptions.

Iraqi Dinar Live Stream


We stream LIVE twice daily Monday – Saturday! Our streams are engaging, informative, and FUN! It’s your opportunity to meet everyone in the community and be welcomed in to what in many ways has become family. We share a common bond that started with this investment, but quickly became much more as we got to know each other and realized we also share many of the same core values and beliefs about life, love, God, our freedom and more! NOTE: You must register for our free chat room in order to be able to access our live streams post RV. No exceptions.

 How to subscribe to Push Notifications


Iraqi Dinar

1. Look for the bell icon

IF you subscribed to receive Push Notifications prior to 11/8/20 you should see a bell icon like the image above this text. You should see it located down in the lower right bottom corner of your screen. This bell appears when you are recognized as having previously opted in to receive Push Notifications.

Look at the image example in step 2.


Iraqi Dinar

2. Click the bell IF it is down there

The above image shows what the alert box looks like when you click on the bell icon located down in the bottom right corner. Notice how it says “You are subscribed to Push Notifications”. This is your confirmation that you don’t have to do anything. You are subscribed and will receive Push Notifications when I send them out.

Iraqi Dinar

3. IF you do NOT see the bell

The above image shows what the subscribe popup looks like. This popup will appear when you are NOT subscribed to receive Push Notifications. Click the blue “YES” button to subscribe. After you click the blue button you will receive a conformation Push Notification letting you know it was successful.

* The image above is to show you what the box looks like. It is NOT the box you click on to subscribe to receive Push Notifications. It is an example to show you what it looks like.

NOTE: If you do NOT see the bell or the box then it could be you’re trying to do it on a mobile device that isn’t supported. Try a desktop, laptop, or tablet and see if those work for you.


How to register for our chat room

It’s super easy to register for our chat room. The first thing you should look for is a small box that looks like the one you see immediately below this text. It is located on the CHAT page. You can get to it by clicking here. It says Members Login at the top of it. From this box you can login or register. You can login with with Facebook or with your email. If you have never registered for our chat room you need to simply click the register link.

NOTE: If you do not see this box on the page or see our chat room then it most likely means you don’t have third party cookies enabled in your browser or you have something else blocking the chat room such as an ad blocker. Make sure your browser is up to date. Chrome works best but all popular browsers work fine.


You can also look for the section located just above our chat room which looks like the image immediately below this text. You can click the link to either login or register.

Once you click on the login link you will see the following box appear on the page. You may need to scroll down to see it depending on how big your screen is or what device you are on. To login you simply click the login with Facebook button or enter your username and password in the labled fields. There is also a link to register on this box as well. NOTE: When you check the box to the left of “Remember Me” before you click the login button… it will save your login information so you don’t have to enter it each time.

When you click the register link you will see the section that looks like the image immediately below this text. All you need to do is simply enter the information that is asked for in the boxes. NOTE: Your username and password are case sensitive. Make sure your caps lock is not on. Also make sure your email address is correct. If it is not then it is impossible for the system to verify your registration.

Sometimes I have to manually approve someone if their is a system glitch for certain emails. I check the pending approvals a couple times a day. If you have not been approved and cannot log into the chat room then use the contact form to let me know. I will need to know your username and email address to locate your registration.

If after reading this page and looking at these sample images you still do not understand how to register for our chat room…  contact me, and we will get you straight so you can register and join us in chat!

Fun Facts
The characters Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street were named after Bert the cop and Ernie the taxi driver in Frank Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life."

These are LIVE rates.

I’m not a financial advisor, nor am I giving financial advice. I am loading up on XRP!

Here’s what none of the Iraqi Dinar gurus are telling you… but all of them should be. This is HUGE. If you missed Bitcoin when it came out at .08 per coin… this is your chance not to repeat the same mistake twice! Get some XRP and hold on to it until the price moons. You’re welcome.

Crypto Currency 101 | A basic to intermediate level history, understanding, & future of the asset.

Crypto Currency 101 / 201 | A basic to intermediate level history, understanding, & future of the asset. | Cryptocurrency 201 – Plus IQD/VND


If you’ve been an Iraqi Dinar holder for even a short time, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen first hand how censorship works in the Dinar community. It’s ugly and it should have no place in the Dinar community. As a holder of the Dinar currency, you should strive to get all of the information and not settle for only what the gurus want you to have.

Censorship comes in various forms in the Dinar community. One place it happens is in Dinar chat rooms, and also in the chat box located beside a live stream event.

Iraqi Dinar Censorship
Iraqi Dinar Censorship

Another place censorship happens to Iraqi Dinar currency holders is in the comments section below a posted video such as on YouTube. The comments are either deleted, or the channel owner simply turns comments off so that nobody can leave a comment on the video. The slick guru will spin this by claiming it is to stop “trolls” or some other lame attempt to justify the real reason.

It also happens on Iraqi Dinar calls where callers are often muted and even “banned”. They are told “You can’t come back. You are not welcome here.” The same thing happens in Dinar chat rooms.

The question you must ask yourself is why. Why is the Dinar community being controlled and manipulated in this manner? Well, the answer is actually very simple. It all comes down to two things… ego and money.

Why do the gurus take advantage of the Iraqi Dinar community?

Because they can.

1. Ego.

You can see it on their face. You can hear it in their voice. You can also see it in their actions. They are all driven to be the first one to call the RV! Unfortunately in their quest to be the first and to present themselves as the expert or the authority etc. they must offer up content that keeps you coming back to them. They need you to hang on their every word. Sadly this puts the entire Iraqi Dinar community at risk and leaves many vulnerable and gullible. They are blinded by the “personality” and the promises of an RV happening any moment. And because they have been conditioned and manipulated… they have lost sight of logic and common sense. They have in many cases abandoned logical reasoning.

2. Money.

You should tread with extreme caution here. The first indicator that should be a HUGE red flag is if the guru is asking you for money in any capacity.

Some gurus charge a monthly fee for their “Premium Chat”. Some sell MLM programs. Some sell “workshops” to offer financial advice. Some sell trusts. Some sell “consulting services”. Some don’t sell anything but offer up reasons why you should still send them “donations”. It doesn’t matter what the deception… I mean the methods used are to separate you from your money. The bottom line is if you fall for it and send your money to them you have been taken in by their smooth talking bullshit! Don’t fall for it. Don’t send them a dime.

It reminds me of professional wrestlers who mismanaged their money and are now broke at the end of their career. But somehow they believe the fans are supposed to give them donations to cover their expenses. So they set up a GoFundMe page with some carefully written sob story crafted to gain sympathy and solicit money! The gurus do the same thing except they believe the Iraqi Dinar community is supposed to pay their bills and cover all of their expenses because they are providing “intel”. The question is what were they doing before the Dinar opportunity presented itself? How did they manage to survive without the Dinar community supporting them?

Now of course the gurus will spin anything in their favor. They have to save face in front of their followers after all. They can’t be seen in a light that doesn’t best serve their agenda. And this is a very dangerous and extremely slippery slope.

How does being censored affect the Iraqi Dinar community?

1. Greed.

The “guru” will say whatever he or she needs to in order to get as many people as possible in the Iraqi Dinar community to send them money. This is manipulation pure and simple.

2. Emotion.

The “guru” will appeal to your emotion and try their best to persuade you into doing whatever they want you to do. It could be to send them money… follow and support their agenda without question… and most of all remain blind and gullible.

3. Deception.

The “guru” will often deceive you by omission. It’s one of the many reasons why they censor, mute, block, and ban people who they know could jeopardize their ability to continue their cash cow operation. They will work very hard to keep their followers hooked, entertained, and believing they have some secret sources, high level government agency contacts etc. One guru stood in front of a federal court judge and admitted under oath that he had no contacts. The question is did he lie to the judge or has he been lying to all of us all these years?

4. Control.

The “guru” is all about control. They know in order to keep making money they must protect their income stream(s). And in case you may be wondering just how much money is being made off of Iraqi Dinar holders… let’s take a peek inside one gurus Dinar business to get an idea of how much money they are making. Perhaps this will be enough to sober some of you up and wake the rest of you up to what is happening every day in Dinarland.

Besides the MLM and other related products and services this guru is pitching, he also makes money from advertising during his call. He earns money by selling the Dinar currency. He earns money from his chat room. And this alone should get your attention. He has stated on multiple occasions that he has over 2,000 subscribers who pay him $10. per month. A little basic math tells us he is raking in around $20,000. per month ($240,000. per year) from his Dinar business. Do I have your attention yet? Do you need more? Okay…

Another guru charges $500. for what he calls “Wealth Retention Workshops”. And he does these events all across the country. Oh and by the way, he requires a minimum of 10 people to perform… I mean put on one of these events. I’ve spoken with people who regret paying him a penny who shared there were as many as 40 or more people at some of his events. Let’s say he does one of these events a month and averages just 20 people each paying him $500. to attend. That’s $10,000. per month ($120,000. per year) from his Dinar business. FACT: This same guru has a permanent federal injunction against him by the US government involving money, trusts, taxes, financial advice etc. And yet despite this he still flies around the country putting on these “workshops” offering up advice.

The bottom line is there is plenty of motivation to censor you to protect their Dinar business. There are plenty of reasons why these people go to great lengths to control, dictate, manipulate, and prevent their followers from getting all of the information. Ask yourself how much sense it really makes for you to only have a few pieces instead of the entire puzzle. Ask yourself how much sense it makes for you send your money to people who are taking advantage of the weak and desperate. Ask yourself why they would be motivated to censor comments and speech when it does not fit their agenda. Ask yourself what is in it for them to do so, and you have your answer.

The next time you are in a chat room, on a call, watching a live stream event etc. and hear or see people being muted, banned, comments deleted… ask yourself what the guru is afraid of. Ask yourself what they are trying to avoid. Ask yourself why they feel threatened by allowing the Dinar community to freely and openly engage with their followers. Ask yourself why they trust you to send them your money but they don’t trust you enough to make up your own mind about what you read or hear in the community. Always remember when censorship is allowed to take priority over the truth and the facts then you are in trouble.

The warning signs are right in front of you if you just open your eyes! Every guru is showing you exactly who and what they are.



Iraqi Dinar Uncensored

Here’s just one of many examples. Watch the video where Frank26 says if you want him to stop putting advertisers on his stream you need to pay him $1,600 a month! That’s another way of admitting he is earning $1,600 a month from advertisers! This is also alarming proof that he needs to keep as many people watching as possible in order to keep the advertisers paying him.


They’re fun and addictive! Here’s how to use them!

Method #1 Choose From Chat “Custom” Menu

The first way to trigger an emoticon is to use the “Custom” menu located to the left of the “Send Message” button at the end of the area where you type your message to send into the chat room. Click the little smiley face image to the left of the “Send Message” button. You will see it opens a small box containing the ugly default emoticons and our much cooler and more exciting custom ones! Click the “Custom” link to display the good ones! You will then see over 25 pages of the super cool emoticons! Find one you like and click on it. Then look over in the space where you type your message for the chat room. You will see it entered the emoticon trigger for you! Click the “Send Message” button and you will see the emoticon appear in the chat room! To scroll through the pages of emoticons click on the arrows located at the bottom of them. To close the window click the little ugly icon again located to the left of the “Send Message” button.

Method #2 Shorthand

Shorthand is commonly used in texting and chat room conversation. Some of the more commonly used terms are listed. Type the shorthand code into the chat room and the corresponding emoticon image will be displayed.

Using emoticons allows you to be engaging and have lots of fun while in conversation with others in the community. Scroll down to see all of the custom emoticons currently available to you. You will see the emoticon image as well as the shorthand code that triggers it.

Have fun with these emoticons and engaging with other members of the community!

Remember you MUST put a : before and after the emoticon name or symbol to trigger it. Also make sure there is a space before or after.


:brb: = be right back
:idk: = i don’t know
: lol : = laughing out loud (remove spaces)
:rofl: = rolling on floor laughing
“roflmao: = rolling on floor laughing my ass off
:ahug: = hug, embrace, affection

The Iraqi Dinar community is filled with loving, caring, warm-hearted and very compassionate people. We have been on an amazing journey together. And throughout this journey the one thing that has helped us retain our sanity is that we have always stuck together, and helped encourage, inspire, and lift each other up. It is this relentless pursuit of our shared hopes and dreams for our future that has been the glue holding us together. As we get ready to face new and exciting challenges it is imperative that we each have the others back and that we join together to gather all of the information we will need with which to make the best decisions.

Unfortunately not everyone will make it across the finish line with us, but we want to help as many as we possibly can, to get there. Having all of the information and being able to freely and openly communicate with each other as a whole (not segmented) community is the only way we can do it. Otherwise critical information and people will be lost. We must have all of the puzzle not just the pieces those with hidden agendas have chosen to share with us. It is logical to have a central hub free of agenda and drama where we can all gather and sort out what’s what so that all of us make it across that finish line and we leave nobody behind.

Please help us spread the word throughout the Iraqi Dinar currency community that everyone is welcome to come share and exchange ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and everything with each other…. free of censorship and suppression. Share our valuable community resource with everyone holding Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, Indonesian Rupiah, Iranian Rial, Zimbabwe Dollar and others. Sharing is caring. Let’s all do our part to help care for each other.. To share our site with these popular platforms simply click the the icon and fill out the popup box. Thanks for showing us some love!

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What do you think about this or that guru?

I think they are all full of shit. They are preying on vulnerable, desperate, easily persuaded people for money. It’s wrong.

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