“Pure genius! Absolutely superior to any other chat room out there. BRAVO on a well thought out design and layout. You thought of everything! Thank you so much.”

“This is how it should be. You have absolutely nailed it! I can see why so many people emailed me the first night you went live. Great job.”

“Finally somebody gets it. Thank God! We have needed something like this for years. The out of control MODS on the other calls and chats have made them such undesirable places to be and engage with the community. I’ve been here a few hours and already feel relaxed and at ease in a peaceful environment where I don’t have to worry about being banned because I may disagree with somebody. Thank you.”

“Thanks for bringing us some freedom.”

“This is beyond awesome. Finally a place to hear what other dinarians have to say without being cut off in fear of sounding the slightest concerned and making them seem negative. Thanks so much!”

“Thank you for figuring out what was desperately needed in the Iraqi Dinar community and creating it for us all.”

“This Iraqi Dinar forum is much needed. Thanks again!”

“This is a great idea.”

“I am so thankful to now have a place to openly talk with other Dinarians without being told what I can and can’t say. This is HEAVEN!”

“This site IS the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in Dinarland…really.”

“I just found you all. Love it already.”

“Believe me as soon as everyone gets the message this Iraqi Dinar chat and the call will fill up.”

“I had become so frustrated with other chats and calls because of the moderator’s doubletalk and controlling nature. I’m not a child and I don’t appreciate being talked over and down to. You have come up with something here that is so much needed. There simply isn’t anything out in Dinarland that can touch this! Thank you.”

“Thanks – should spread like a wildfire as well. Thank you again for being here for us.”

“About time this happened, thanks to who ever thought of it.”

“I am so glad that I signed up”

“It is impressive what you pulled together here.”

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Openly chat without censorship about all things related to the Iraqi Dinar currency RV. Openly share intel and rumors from all other chats, calls, Skype rooms, forums, live streams etc. Bring it all in without fear.

There are no power hungry ego driven mods telling you what you can or cannot talk about. You are free to exercise your freedom of speech and talk about religion, politics, and of course everything relating to the Dinar and other currencies! This is your chance to really share and engage with the Dinar community the way it should be, without fear of being muted or banned for having an opinion. Every opinion matters and the gurus cannot stop you from sharing how you really feel on this site, on our call, and on our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Dear Iraqi Dinar Currency Holder,

Let’s talk about the Iraqi Dinar Currency RV Intel Iraq. For too many years now we have all waited together for this rollercoaster ride to finally come to an end. We’ve endured many lies from people who claimed to have all the answers, the best contacts… and well, you know the rest. And now, the time has come for the community to come together without CENSORSHIP, without a MUTE button, and take back what has been taken away from us, from out of control MOD dictators with hidden agendas and a DONATE button.

We need to get the word out about this site. The more we spread the word within the Iraqi Dinar community, the more of the community will join us here, where everyone is welcome and every opinion matters. We are tired and frustrated. The last thing we need is to be treated like children who are better seen and not heard. We have much to contribute and we have just as much right as anyone else to be heard. This is OUR community and it does NOT belong to a chosen few, even though some believe otherwise. It belongs to ALL of us.

We have ALL sacrificed in some way. Some a lot more than others. Right now there are THOUSANDS in Dinarland who are sick and tired of the calls and Iraqi Dinar chat rooms where they are being fed pure bullshit by people who claim to have the best contacts… NONE of which have ever been right. Enough.

Imagine what it will be like when you are able to freely and openly engage with members of the community, in a central hub (if you will) where everyone knows they can come together without fear of being cut off from the “intel” sources for one ridiculous reason or another, and at the whim of a fool who enjoys silencing people who disagree with them or who doesn’t want the real truth to be shared.

I urge you to reach out to everyone you can via Iraqi Dinar chat rooms, calls, forums, Skype rooms and any other community medium you are aware of that includes Dinarians. Let them know they now have a place where their voice will be heard and there is free and open dialog as it should be. When sharing our site, make sure to always give the complete website address and invite the community to come experience the difference with us, both in our LIVE chat room and 24/7 call.

Thank you, from one Iraqi Dinar community family member to another. We want you to know you are valued and appreciated.

God bless you,